Using 2nd SSD for regular programs?

Hi guys,

I have my 2nd SSD installed, OCZ Petrol while using my OCZ Agility for my main with Windows 7.

What I'd like to know is what format would be optimum for my 2nd SSD for installing like games, minor programs and files?

I currently have it set to FAT32, I have a feeling I'm using it in an obsolete format.

If someone could set me in the right direction I'd appreciate it.


Just incase:

i7 2600k
ASUS Maximus V Gene
16GB G.Skill Ripjaw DDR3-1333
PC Power and Cooling 910W
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    Generally people would go with NTFS for Windows machines. There is a 4gb file size limit on fat32, but if you're just running programs from it you probably won't run into a problem there. There is also a 2Tb limit on the volume size, but that's not going to be a problem on an ssd.

    If you don't have anything on the drive I would probably go ahead and reformat as NTFS.
  2. I second that. Especially if you use Bit torrent, you'll surely run into files bigger than 4GB quite quickly.
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  4. Thanks for help, I formatted the SSD to NTFS.

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