Radeon 5850 Brightness/Contrast Washed Out

I just upgraded a GeForce 8800GT with an ATI 5850 and have notice mainly when using Windows 7 Media Center with ATI TV Tuner card that the picture looks overly bright, blacks are greyish and everything just seems washed out. With the 8800GT it was not like this (just tested, threw the card back in and it looked fine).

Question is, what could be causing this and has anyone noticed this?

Other than that though the card works great in games etc...

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  1. You may have to run color calibration. On Windows 7 and Vista, this is as easy as opening the Start Menu, typing in "Calibrate Display Color", then pressing Enter.
  2. Thanks, I just tried that, I didn't know they included one (not the best, but reasonably effective).
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