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Hello. i am looking to upgrade my Ram to have at least 4 gigs and i have no idea how to go about doing this except i have downloaded SIW which to those who don't know is a program that displays my hardware and other accessories. i know that my mobo is an f690gvm i have an acer 3100 and my power supply is 250 watts and it is powering a gt 220 1 gig and a amd athlon 4800 processor and im having blue screens. so i will appreciate any help that you can give me. And if there is need for more info tell me
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  1. well m doing this because i want to play a mod for company of heroes and it takes alot of ram.
  2. ive got a ati radeon 5670 1 gig sitting in its case :D not that good for gaming but its better than the gt 220 i just need more ram and a psu that can handle it and im wondering if my CPU will be bottle necked its a amd athlon 4800+ Brisbane?
    i have defiantly broken the sub category rules lol
  3. ya i did try it and it had a blue screen lol then my comp shutdown
  4. i am getting a new motherboard from the other thread and i will choose a cpu to fit that mobo idk which one yet but, now i only need a psu to power those components. i do not know which one to get nor how big of a one can fit into my pc
  5. i an acer 3100 and probably going to use the some case that my comp already has unless the psu or mobo wont be able to fit in which idk lol. unfortunately this isn't easy
  6. specf690gvm motherboard and a 250 watt psu that's micro atx i believe ill measure it later
  7. ....... yes well i cant wait to potty train my computer
  8. lol any way so what psu do you guys think could fit in my system i already have a 250 watt as said and its pretty small but my case doesnt look like i can put anything new in there
  9. i ve 250 dollars to spend on everything i need
  10. hey wo wo calm down your negating the forum lol and no i just mentioned the blue screens because i thought it would be worth mentioning im doing all this because i want a new graphics card and processor
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