Difference between Two 4GB ( 2x2) and one 4GB(2x4)


I am wondering what the difference is between purchasing two sets of 4GB (2x2) (4 sticks total) and and one set of 4GB(2x4) (2 stick total). Given that all else is the same.... Purchasing two 4GB (2x2) (4 sticks total) of the type of memory I am looking at is much cheaper on Newegg than doing the latter. Is there a performance or compatibility issue that I should be aware of before buying 2 sets of 4GB (2x2)??


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  1. As long as the kits are the same then there is no problem. Occupying all the slots can negatively affect overclocking if you're planning on doing that.
  2. I am running a i5-750 with a P7P55D-E Pro. i would like to run a pair mushkins, 2 sets of (2x) 8gb total 1600 and CAS 7

    I am planning to OC the CPU, so would it be better to just stick with 4GB (2x2) and not get the additional 4 GB?

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