HD 5770 underperforming problem

Hi i have a hd 5770 and ive installed all the drivers and everything. Problem is, it says the core clock is running at 400mhz and memory 1300mhz. The card goes to 875mhz and 5200mhz. I dont no why this is. In the catylist contol panel it wont let me change any of the clock settings. Rivatuner doesnt seem to have any options for it and my speedfan program doesnt pick it up. Why is it underperforming and not being recognised. I did a windows 7 test thing in Games exporer to rate my system and the grahics have gone from 6.7 to 6.0! My old geforce 8800 was aparently more powerful then this! Wats going on??

Please help
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  1. Did you try any games? The card will automatically downclock itself when not in use, you know.
  2. Yep ive tries games. They run terrible.
  3. Ive just tried another game, the highest anti aliasing will go is x8! It used to be 16! What in the world is going on??
  4. i just bought a 5770 to replace my blown 8800gt and it smokes it in everything. i think you are imagining stuff, the 5770 automatically slows itself down to save power in 2d so the catalyst control panel shows the 2d clocks not 3d clocks.

    The windows score thingy is useless, and a 5770s x8 antialias is better than a nvidia cards x16 anyway. make sure you deleted the nvidia drivers PROPERLY then reinstall the ati ones.
  5. But my games ran much faster on my 8800...
  6. so what you saying, you have the worlds fastest 8800 and the world slowest 5770?

    here is a fact - the 5770 SMOKES the 8800 and its not up for debate. You wont find a single benchmark showing the 8800 beating the 5770.

    remove your nVidia drivers properly then reinstall the ati ones.
  7. Lines just went down the screen windows crashed!! What the heck is going on?
  8. And i have already uninstalled the nvidia drivers :/
  9. Maybe i havent installed the right drivers?? Ive installed the ones on the atiamd website. Its very different to nvidias way of things.
  10. completely remove all traces of nVidia software from your pc. use driversweeper or reinstall windows if you have to.
  11. first thing to try is a full uninstall of all display drivers (Anything ATI or NVidia), then reboot into safe-mode and run Driver-sweeper to remove everything. Then do a clean installation of the ATI Catalyst 10.2 drivers (available on ATI's website, which is probably what you installed last time). If that doesn't work, it could be a problem with your graphics card- might be needing an RMA.
  12. How does that explain the games underperforming and the card crashing with lines down the screen tho? Also i cant seem to uninstall the ati ones, i can only see the catylist thing whih is only 22mb so they cant be the display drivers.
  13. Just go into your control panel and use "add/remove programs" and remove anything ATI (Catalyst Control Center is the driver suite). If your driver didn't install quite right, your card won't run properly and will be unstable, explaining your issues and thus the reason for trying to make sure it is installed properly. If the driver is installed right then my guess would be your card actually has real hardware problems, which is why I said you might look into an RMA if driver reinstalls don't work.
  14. So just uninstall everything nvidia and ati then reinstall the ati drivers?
  15. yes- but you'll want to run Driver-sweeper to verify you don't have any remnants left from either of them after uninstalling, and before reinstalling.
  16. Ok thanks ill report back after
  17. no prob- good luck with that and I hope the driver reinstall works and you don't have to RMA.
  18. Mine's doing the same thing. I've removed all the old drivers, including using Driver Sweeper, and reinstalled the new ones several times. I even tried that beta driver some people had mentioned. No joy.
  19. yeah, driver issue, because I too am running 5770 and boy is it fast, download full 10.3 catalyst driver pack and install, but as mentioned, remove everything in safemode. I am playing games at 1920x1200 and getting 125+fps in COD4MW with everything maxed out. I don't believe it's a power issue because the 5770 requires less power then the 8800GT so if you have at least 450 Watts you will have not much of an issue. I have seen these issues before specifically going from 1 manufacturer to another (ATI - nVidia, or other way around)
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