Recommended tweaks to curb CPU cooler noise?

First week of my new i7 860 powerhouse's life (thanks folks here for helping me get it together).

One very annoying feature, though - a low but irritating, lawnmower-like buzzing sound. I'm fairly certain, after sticking my ear in there a bit, that it's the CPU fan. The only thing keeping this from being the ideal silent media machine. It's the stock cooler, so I'm thinking I should shell out $50 or so for a compatible aftermarket cooler that promises quiet - but are there any measures I could take to quiet the stock cooler itself before opening my wallet again?

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  1. Here is the cure for your problem. I use one and barely hear it. Plus the temps are awesome.
  2. the hyper 212 is a great cooler. i keep one on hand as a back up incase i have a problem with my water cooling set up on my quad. problem is it's a tall cooler. make sure your case has lots of headroom. what case are you using? will dictate what you can fit as far as cooling. you said media machine and that makes me think small case. smaller media cases can have cooling issue due to lack of fans or lack of space. as to your original question, not alot you can do to boxed coolers from intel.
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