A problem with C2Q Q8300+HD 4670

i have q8300+gigabyte HD 4670+gigabyte G31 MB
when i put my 4670 with my cpu q8300 and open on my sat card with any channel my pc stop working and ia must restart it
i tried another cpus E7500 + the old one Celeron 3.06 GHZ and my pc works very well with my HD 4670 and the sat card and when i put my q8300 the pc stop+when i remove my HD 4670 and work with the integrated card in my G31 and open the sat card the pc works great i tried another HD 4670 form powercolor and i found the same problem,,and i tried working without the sat card and install GTA IV and open video the pc stop also so, i think the sat card is out of the game and the problem between HD 4670 & Q8300
i've psu OCZ 500W
,,,plz any one help me
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  1. any one colud help ?!
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