Enough power to overclock?

I have a Corsair 500w PSU. I am planing on overclocking my phenom II X4 to around 4.00 Ghz. Gpu: XFX 7870, CPU: Phenom ii x4, PSU" Corsair 500w, 1 stick 4 gig ram, 2 HDDs, 4 case fans, 2 cold cathodes. I am planning on getting an h60 cooler. Is my 500w psu enough?
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  1. Just an FYI a CM hyper 212+/evo will likely get you to 4.0Ghz, don't be a sheep and get the h60. There are air coolers in the same price range that will out perform it.
  2. To straight up answer your question... Yes your PSU will be plenty enough. Overclocking your CPU doesn't draw nearly enough power to soak up all of the 500w your PSU puts out. If your looking for a good water cooler at least buy the H80i. If your gonna go with the H60 you might as well go with a 50 dollar air cooler that will perform a fair amount better. Don't get the H60 just because it a "water cooler". I personally, would get a nice air cooler in the 50 dollar range. Just do some research or buy the one that I have just read below. I have a 4.7Ghz overclock and my temps are perfectly under control.
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