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Hello everyone,
First and foremost I want to make it clear im still learning about overclocking my card, and that im probably beating a dead horse in regards to asking about overclocking this card, but I have a slight issue here when it comes to my overclock and im hoping someone can shed some light on this.

My card will not go over 1215mhz core clock regardless of the increase in Core Clock when using MSI Afterburner (or Precision X). Its as if the card is locked at this clock for some odd reason. I understand this is a decent overclock and I should be content (which i am for the most part), but after shelling out 400 bucks I tend to nit-pick every minor issue, but I wouldnt mind learning a thing or two about this minor problem at the same time :D

Is there something i am not doing right? Has anyone else run into this?

Ill try to provide as much info regarding this as I can to make this easier, heres a screenshot for the time being...

Any answers are much appreciated, thanks for your time.
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  1. Many things can be factors in this situation. Sometimes you have just reached the limits of the card. Sometimes you have reached the limits of the card for that certain voltage and you will need to increase voltage to go over that limit.

    I have had great ocing cards and ones that don't oc very much at all. In fact, I have head a card that would oc but after going 50mhz over stock speed it would still work but start loosing performance dramatically instead of improving...worse than stock.

    My say is you reached the limit of your card and unless you add voltage (which is impossible on most cards) you won't be able go over that boundary.
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