I would like to ask does this motherboard support SLI?thought MSI said it does not support SLI.Certain sites said SLI works. so can anyone advice?

Thank you.
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    No, it supports Crossfire and not SLI.
    SLI usually works on nvidia chipsets...... :(
    The Manufacturer says it does not support SLI but others say it does support SLI, that is something that has got me wondering where the truth lies......

    Well, if you want to get the final word then here it says it is SLI capable...... but I have a GD70 and that is certainly not SLI capable.....

    Even Vendors are claiming it to be SLI capable.....
  2. So the venders claim it support SLI to like trick us?
  3. Can't exactly be sure if it's a trick or not, but, they could get into a lot of trouble if they did that.....
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