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I've got an older PC with only an AGP slot for graphics. Is Nvidia's 7300 the fastest card currently available?
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  1. the ati 3870 was the fastest the 4670 is second fastest
  2. i wouldn't bother, save the money, get a new system as more than likely the rest of your system will hold you back
  3. I think a new motherboard with any ATI 780 chipset with HD4200 integrated ($50-100 range) would be faster than nVidia 7300. ^.^
    I'd recommend AMD for budget PCs, because their sockets are backward compatible.
  4. wabaz- what CPU do you have? Depending on that, you may be able to get a new mobo and a new GPU for not much more than you'd spend on the fastest AGP card out there, and end up with a faster system thats more upgradeable. the 3870 is the fastest AGP card out there, but its expensive and not really all that fast. You'll really want to get a PCI-E mobo and GPU to get decent performance.
  5. Thank you all - I think you guys are right, I've invested enough into this system - onward and upward!
  6. What is going on with people today. Don't they know that the AGP is a DEAD slot.
    PCIxE 2.0 and 2.1 are today's Slot.

    Yes the 3870 is th fastest but why bother with AGP.
  7. 3870, 3850 and 4670 in that order are the best for AGP ... but as others have mentioned, usually any of them are going to be overkill for the CPU, since AGP machines tend to be single-core P4s. A 4650 or even a 3650 is going to give roughly the same results with less power consumption.

    I don't agree with the mentality of "it's not worth it to upgrade a machine that old" 100% of the time. Yes, this is never going to be a good machine for modern high-end gaming. But it can make perfect sense to get an AGP 4650 if you want to keep it around as a "second" or "backup" computer. My own household would have serious difficulties if we only had one machine.
  8. i agree if its a secondary machine, but no need to get the best AGP card, unless you have an athlon 64 x2, that should keep up

    though right now i don't have an old desktop, i ave my gaming computer and my HTPC/File Server that i just bought a few weeks ago

    i actually just gave away my old S939 system (had a single core, wasn't worth it to update it even a little)
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