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hello, I am having an big problem with my notebook, when I open the laptop on the display show up some dark horizontal waves and after that...the hole display turned white - gray. I simply thought that is because the position in witch the laptop stays on the cooling stand...but the problem persisted, what shoud I do, I have this hp(dv5 nvidia geforce 9600) not more than one year. Is this problem caused by the video card(the waves apear also when I.d played an movie)...or is something from the display and/or the display cables?
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  1. Could be an issue with the GPU, those laptops are among the notorious ones with the nVidia GPUs that had the bonding issues.

    If you're under your 1 year warranty, then get in touch with HP ASAP and make sure they replace it.

    Quick way to search the issue is to google 'bumpgate'.

    I don't think the DV5 though was part of it. IIRC it was DV6xxx and DV9xxx series.

    Definitely contact HP ASAP.
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