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I have a gigabyte board with dual bios im running raid 0 on too wd blue drives my motherboard sat for a year in the anti static bag it came in. I updated the bios but it keeps falling after a month or so and reverting back to the original version of bios and when I go to boot is says missing table or something like that. so I update bios again to what the version was before it failed, it now says missing os system I don’t know what keeps causing the problem is it my motherboard failing like the battery or something?? Or the raid array failing on me making the bios fail I don’t know what is normal when a raid array fails I used the motherboard before it sat for a year in a non raid system with the original bios and it worked fine
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  1. The original bios may have different sata settings for the raid array. Newer boards have either ide or achi. Once you install windows, you can't switch from ide to achi or vice-versa. Find out which setting your raid array works in and don't flash the bios anymore.
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