SoundMAX HD Audio and Recording with MIC

I've downloaded 2 types of recording software (Audacity & Free hi-Q recorder) but no sound on playback.

I've checked the volume controls, the mic is checked and not muted. I've tested the hardware and it shows that the mic is picking up voice and other sounds but no sound when recordings are played back.

when recording I can tap the mic and the audio track on screen reacts accordingly.

The computer is IBM pentium 4. It plays windows media with sound no trouble, makes all it's usual system sounds, You tube clips play ok with audio etc. so why won't it play back recordings?
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  1. Your check the settings in both of those programs, you might have to set the playback device to your soundcard, also it is possible that you have Monitoring switched on, you will need to turn this off in order to hear the audio you have recorded on particular tracks.
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