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My Hard disk shows Bad, Backup and Replace on Bootup and it says to press F1 to Continue,, when i Press it takes tooooo much time,, but not opens my windows 7, it restart after Window 7 LOGO. I want to recover my files, is there any software which do, or any other way to recover???

I also attached my Bad HDD to external Casing and in my desktop i installed my other repaired HDD (Window XP installed) and when i attach my BAD HDD using USB cable, my XP shows my BAD HDD partitions and files but when i copy it shows Error "ERROR COPY: CANNOT FIND THE SPECIFIC FILE" ,,, Is there any way to recover al my files,, Please Let me know ASAP,,

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  1. You may want to try a ubuntu live cd, and copy small sections of files off the drive from within that. It seems to handle failing drives a bit better then a Windows machine will.

    If you can't access the files that way, then sending it to a data recovery center is the only other option I can think of.
  2. Spinrite might be able to get some or most of the data off the drive, but it appears the damage is already done so expect to lose some stuff.
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