Overclocking with Noctua

Does anyone have any experience with overclocking the 3570k with the Noctua-L12?
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  1. I am not sure why you would want to. The L12 is a low profile fan made for media centers and smaller cases. Although the L12’s cooling profile is good enough, you’d be better set with a standing air fan like the U9 or if you have room a D14.
    L12 55.04/ 37.8 CFM
    U9 64.3/ 41.1 CFM
    D14 110.3/ 63.4 CFM
    Problem with a downdraft fan is that they are proven to be less effective that standing fans. Unless you really need the space, I’d reconsider.

    If you need good cooling in a small package don’t forget about the closed loops systems. CM Siedon, Antec 920 or Corsair H80/H100 are all good.

    CM 212EVO is a low cost classic and the over clocker’s standard.
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