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will a Intel DX58SO Extreme Edition Core i7 Series Motherboard hold a XFX ATI Radeon HD 5770 1 GB ddr5 graphics card?
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  1. Yes it will, it's a good match. DX58SO EE has PCI Express 2.0 slots for two video cards.
  2. Yes --- the DDR version of the video card memory does not matter for compatibility with the MOBO since the video card memory system is seperate from your system memory (ie. a MOBO that uses ddr, ddr2 or ddr3 Ram modules can use a video card based on ddr5 memory as long as it has the proper slot for the video card (PCI-e or AGP etc.)
  3. hi, Ive been looking into 5770's as well for myself (and the Gf's new build)

    I read that xfx's can have heating issues and thats a worry in both our cases so I decided to go for a couple of Sapphire cards that vent out of the rear of the case,
    it may be something worth looking into in more detail for you as well.
    hope this helps some,
  4. I agree with moto, always take the cards that blow the heat out of the case when possible, even if it means getting a reference design. Those other types are just the partner manufacturers cheaping out. :sol:
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