Core i5-655K .. new unlocked 1156 gamer's chip.

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This article announces the Core i5-655K ... Unlocked multiplier, for gamers.

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  1. Cool. At a halfway decent price, Intel will sell boxes of them.
  2. dual core + gamers =on its last legs
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    I'm with obsidian86. No gamers currently use dual core chips in new builds unless they're on a very strict budget. In that case, they use AMD. For that price you can have a quad core.

    Edit: It's good to see Intel giving a nod to overclockers, but it isn't really needed. Their chips overclock like crazy without unlocked multipliers.
  4. me-three ...

    ... Intel wouldn't do this if there were any future in it (snot) !

    ... Even the lamer games will be looking for 4 cores, next cycle.

    = Al =
  5. God.... is Intel punishing us early adopters who bought the LGA1366 motherboards + CPUs? I do hope we get something like this....

    At any rate, this is a chip meant to go under LN2/WCing for insane OC, not so much as a "gaming" CPU imo.
  6. Shadow703793 said:
    , this is a chip meant to go under LN2/WCing for insane OC, not so much as a "gaming" CPU imo.

    I am either clueless ... or ... not able to decipher your abbreviations (prolly both) ...

    ... Please elucidate.

    = Thanks =
  7. Liquid Nitrogen = LN2

    Water cooling = WC
  8. ^Yup. This "unlocked" CPU is really meant to be OCed the hell out of and meant to break records, not so much as to be used by "gamers".
  9. So ... Who's gonna buy it and what are they gonna do with it ... Strut ?

    = Al =

    ShortStuff I am having a Corsair vs. RipJaws Debate (1333 vs. 1600) that I wish you would weigh in on ...

    My purchase and another client are in the balance ...
  10. ^ I'd get the Ripjaws. Excellent RAM imo, Ripjaws, Dominators, and PI Black are excellent choices for OCing.
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