Sapphire hd 4550 wont display

Just bought a sapphire hd 4550 512mb of ddr3. I put it in a MSI k8n neo4 its got a gig of ram and i pulled a hdd out of an old machine.. well basically i just threw all this together and pushed the power button. it powers up but there is nothing displayed the monitor remains with the yellow light but it doesnt say there is no connection. ANy ideas?
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  1. Welcome to the forums newcommer!

    What is your PSU's wattage ? Have you connected all the connectors into the card?
  2. its a 350 watt psu i just bought it today same time i bought the card, also this motherboard seems abnormal as it doesnt seem to have onboard video: motherboard is MSI K8N Neo4H

    also the only thing not plugged in on the video card is a connection thats 2 pin and i have nothing to connect it to.. unless theres some cord that was not included.
  3. Here's a checklist to assist in your troubleshooting:
  4. i check all that stuff in that stickied list. im not a newbie when it comes to this stuff but this just doesnt make sense. also im going to mention something i just discovered. when i have the harddrive plugged in power plus ide cable i dont hear the hdd actually power up and spin.. but when i unplug the ide cable and leave the power in it and turn it on i hear the drive running... weird any ideas?
  5. ok well ive narrowed it down to being the ide controller because it does this with the cd-rom as well. My question is would that still cause it to not post the bios? If yes then my next question is. Can i buy a sata drive instead of ide and have it work fine?
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