Broken WD My Book, and corrupted files... Please Help!

I have a very discouraging situation for which I really hope someone can help...
I have a 1T WD My Book, and a little child tripped over the cord from the wall outlet to the drive. The USB connection became loose, and the drive wouldn't show up on my computer. I wiggled it around a bit, and finally it did show up, but not for long. Thinking it might just be a "short" I wiggled the cord a little more, only to have the piece that the USB cord goes into, break and fall into the drive. I talked to many people, and was told this shouldn't have affected the memory and I should be able to recover the data. But when I took the external hard drive in to have the data recovered, I was told that it is "unreadable" and cannot be opened with any programs. The technician says the data is still there, but just cannot be opened or accessed. I had around 100 bg of photos and videos that unfortunately I don't have any where else. (I know its stupid) I'm desperate to find some hope and help somewhere. I would greatly appreciate any advice I can get! Thanks a bunch!!
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  1. remove the drive from the case. The drive is just a drive. Put it in your pc and your files should be accessable
  2. I don't understand... I have an iMac; how am I to take the external drive apart and put it in my computer??? I would really appreciate more answers and suggestions!
  3. yeah, the iMac part is problematic. The enclosure on the external drive was damaged, but the drive itself should be fine. One option would be to go buy another external hard drive enclosure that supports USB, pull the drive out of the old enclosure and put it into the new one. That should get it working again.

    Failing that, find a friend that has an actual desktop computer, not an all-in-one like the iMac, and put the drive in that computer and pull the files off onto another device.
  4. The problem is not retreiving the data; its all there and accessible, but the files are "corrupted" and cannot be opened with any programs. Any more suggestions???
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