Wireless vs 100 feet cat 6 cable

To connect a TV LAN port to a Linksys N router, which is better -- wireless adapter or about 100 feet of CAT 5e / Cat6?
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  1. good quality CAT6 cable would bebest in almost all cases, make sure all parts used are rated CAT6 to get the full benefit.

    In theory it goes CAT6>Wireless N>CAT5>Wireless G but there can be other impacting factors
  2. thank you for your response Vibe -- Is your answer the same if I get CAT 5e and part of the cable is outside
  3. Sorry for the delay, holiday

    Cat5 and cat5e have very few differences, these days parts labled as cat5 are normaly actualy cat5e standards but have not gone through certification process.
  4. Also something to consider is link speed. Many of the wireless N routers will include gig ethernet, assuming your TV supports it that is MUCH faster than the wireless. Either way wired in my experience usually works better than wireless.
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