Help with changing primary hard drive for downloads, installing etc.

Hello I own a 60gb SSD as well as a 1.5T Hard Drive. Windows 7 is installed to the SSD and it's also my primary boot drive. I would like to use my Hard drive for installing programs,downloads, music etc. How can i make it my primary drive for downloads and installing programs? Do i need to install windows onto the 1.5T hard drive instead? Or is there a way to keep windows onto my SSD and make my Hard drive my primary storage drive?

Please Help!
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  1. just direct the program install or download to the 1.5 T hard drive.........
  2. The problem is , many programs don't give the option and are installing before the blink of an eye.

    This can't be that complicated- I heard something about simply moving your User Folder to the HDD. Here's a link I found:
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