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Can someone link the testing of different cpu/gpu combinations to determine the best performance value? I can't seem to find it.
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  1. It was done by Tom's Hardware and had 4 CPU's that they paired with 4 ATI/Nvidia cards to find which was the bottleneck in each combo.
  2. Post your GPU and we'll post a CPU to match it, or vice-versa. I can't find it either.
  3. I'm actually wanting to upgrade my video card. I have a E5200 @ 3.33 GHz and play at 1680 x 1050.
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    That's a very nice OC. At 1680x1050, I'd recommend an HD5770. It'll play most any game at high/very high at that resolution, and should go just fine with your CPU.
  5. I'll also likely upgrade to an E8500 sometime in the next year and OC it too.
  6. Does that mean I should get the 5830 instead?
  7. The E8500, if OC'd to a nice amount, would do nicely with an HD5830, yes.
  8. Only problem with the 5830 is its not THAT much faster than the 5770, but is a good bit more expensive. If you are going to get a card above the 5770, I'd just jump straight to the 5850 since its really only ~$40 more than the 5830 I think, and is a good bit faster.
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