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Will the H100 worth the money?

I am getting a custom loop(will cost me about 3-4 hundred and it takes a while for me to save that up) later this year but as of right now I want to upgrade my cooling to water to get a better overclock... What i'm wonering is if this thing can cool my 3570k do a decent amount of cooling (at least worth the extra money from my hyper 212+) until i get my custom loop.
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  1. I'm using an h100i now on my 3570k and I'm at 4.8ghz 1.296voltage and load at just under 70C, so I'd say yes.
  2. dang, isnt there a new version of the H(X) series? if so then please refer me too it

    also do you know if they will replace any damage caused by leaks?
  3. From what I've read they're pretty good if it's something that arises from manufacturing, that said I'd google it and check to be safe. Also when you say H(X) series I'm a bit lost. There's two categories:

    The original H series (H60, H80, H100) and it's new H90 and H110
    The new HXXi series (h80i, h100i) which have new pumps and blocks in addition to thicker tubing.
  4. oh ok, yeah i meant anything with the H(X) basically anything that had numbers after the H... I don't know much about that kind of water cooling quite yet,

    I think I will go with the H100I then, are the aesthetics nice with the H100I? Does it light up etc
  5. the H100 is a decent buy considering what you get for the money. It cant touch real water cooling but for at least half the cost of a basic water kit its pretty good. I would say its best purpose is for the person that wants some of the benefits of liquid cooling but without the commitment of the maintenance of a real kit and without the pricetag of said kit.

    If you are gonna spend $400 on a custom system later this year, I'd say wait and use that $100+ for some of the parts for your REAL water cooling kit, buy your water block or something.

    If you already have a hyper 212 its not worth the upgrade. It is prob going to give you lower temps, but very little for the cost.

    Just my .02
  6. Also, if the H100 leaks and damages your system, Corsair isnt liable for anything other than replacing the H100 unit.
  7. Hmm, well I see what you mean... I think i wont get the H100 then just because i dont want to have to have that hanging over my shoulder(the part with corsair not being reliable) especially since im not the one making the loop so i have no control over how tight the fittings are etc etc

    though i am not going to get the H100 im sure there is an Air cooling for like 50-70 that can get me below 80 at 4.5 with my 3570... i was looking at this though its 80 I think it can handle 4.5, can fit in my HAF 912, and there is not threat of killing everything.
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    kid_darknesssss said:
    the H100 is a decent buy considering what you get for the money. It cant touch real water cooling but for at least half the cost of a basic water kit its pretty good.


    Corsair H100i. $110

    XSPC Raystorm RS240. $145

    That Noctua is about the best air-cooling you can get, recently a Thermaltake unit has come up that's challenging that, but its very much down to one or two degrees here and there. If you want better cooling but dont have the cash now to get a full water-loop, then get the Noctua.
  9. Alright :D yeah the npctua it is Thanks for the help!
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  11. And remember, anything spent on a H100 is money off your W/c budget, bad all round hehe
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