Antec 900 and coolmaster hyper 212 plus

the side fan seems to get in the way of the cpu fan or vice versa.. only way to use side fan is if i move the cpu fan to other side which is then right next to the top exhaust fan which seems to be not really effective placement. i guess my question is.. will it hurt the cpu fan and exaust fan to be right next to each other? or will i need to modify the case a small bit to get side fan to be used?

and so not to make another post i will also ask.. what temps should i expect with the hsf and the x4 965 non OCed? with prime95 running for about 30 mins highest i hit is 51c. doing about 35-37c now with wow loaded and few other apps
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  1. Do you need the side fan? I don't on my 900's. But if you do need it, try orienting the cooler so it blows toward the rear case fan.
  2. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    Take a look of this installation of the Hyper 212+.
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