SLI GTX260 vs ATIs... what?

I'm curious as to what pros or cons I might have if I went with an ATI card? Price vs performance. I currently have 2 EVGA GTX 260 Core 216(superclocked, and further overclocked) in my rig, SLI of course. The rest of my rig is a Core i7 920 @ 3.2ghz, with Corsair XMS3 ram, 6gb, at 1600mhz. The MB is a EVGA X58 3-Way SLI, E758-A1.

I saw the recent gpu hierarchy chart, and it showed the 260 as being on-par with 4870, 4890. Listed also is a 5770 and 5830, but I don't think a GTX 260 is up with those. Not a single one at least.

So my question I suppose is: Having 2 SLI GTX260s, would they be equal or near something like a 5870? Should I buy one of the large expensive Radeons? I really don't have any performance issues, but I think it might be time to upgrade to a DX11 card? Or should I way for the Fermi, as well as wait for ATIs latest offer?

What do you guys think? What kind of setups do you all run yourselves?
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    2xGTX260 in SLI will be similar to/a little faster than at 5870. gtx260~=4870~=5770. 4890 and 5830 are a bit better. DX11 is really all you are missing out on (well, eyefinity, but you'll be able to run triple outputs as soon as Nvidia releases the drivers to do it in SLI). If you are thinking of upgrading I would wait for Fermi to release just because it will probably cause a little bit of a shakeup pricewise (plus there are rumors that ATI will be releasing something like a 5890 around there or shortly after). You've got plenty of power for a bit, and DX11 won't really be mature and totally useful for a little bit yet. See what Fermi does to the market, and then decide.
  2. there isnt a solid justification for upgrading a pair of 260's right now tweakbz. those are good cards that can play pretty much everything out there as good as the next cards spare the DX11 titles (not a whole bunch just yet). save your money for now and get a better return on your investment by holding on to them until it makes no sense. imho, there is nothing out there that will deliver you a "wow" factor over what you have. benchmarks yes, actual game play, not so much.
  3. An HD5850xfire would be good for you to run, and that'd guarantee you much more performance. But unless you're looking at spending over $450, stick with what you got.
  4. GTX260 SLI is fine for now (and probably the next year or two)

    unless you can drop serious money on an xfire config (2x5850,2x5870,5970)
  5. Thanks for the answers, everyone. I figured I'll be fine for a long while to come (system only 6 months old). Maybe in another 14-16 months I will upgrade. I'm "pretty sure" we'll have some new kickass hardware then... ;P

    As far as price goes, I wasn't going to spend over $400, and based on what you guys all said, I'm good to go!
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