Vga to dvi connector problem maybe?

Hi all, I'm having a problem that i can't work out. I don't do much gaming and I've got a 7900gtx that i want to run.
It has the dual DVI so i got a VGA adapter from eBay but every time i plug in the monitor lead to the adapter it powers down.
It does this even if the adapter isn't plugged into the card. There's no way on the monitor ( a dell SE177FP ) to switch it back on that i can see as the menu bottoms wont work as its powered down.

Any one have any ideas or is just the adapter doesn't work ( cross wired perhaps? ) or I've just done something wrong! ( more likely )
Any help appreciated, many thanks, mavers92
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  1. That sounds to me like a bad DVI-VGA adapter. I would try and return it and get a new one- they're not too hard to get your hands on.
  2. thanks flyinfinni, think i'll try to find a local computer fair and get one from there rather than go back to eBay, many thanks.
  3. NO problem. Hope that solves it!
  4. thanks for help flyinfinni, got new one finally and works a treat.
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