Intel RAID 5 consecutive failures

Intel board running Intel RAID 5 on three 250 GB drives. Drive 2 fails, array is rebuilt. Drive 1 fails two weeks later and array is rebuilt. Drive 0 fails two days later and the array is rebuilt. Drive 2 fails AGAIN as soon as the array is up.
NON-HDD related hardware issue? Anyone? System has been solid for over 18 months - barely a blue screen. Good ventilation. Vista 64.
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  1. Wow, I hope you have a good backup system. The huge advantage of RAID5 is the ability to recover from a HDD failure and rebuild the array with ALL of its data. BUT that fails if TWO HDD's fail at the same time. And I have seen that happen. In your case, the failure rate recently has boon so stunning that you might worry about two simultaneous failures.

    It does seem like the failures you have experienced are not directly related to the HDD units, although that is not proven. Could be from the data connection to the mobo controller ports, of course, although I'd be a little surprised if three different mobo ports had similar hardware failures severe enough to kill a HDD. But maybe the failures you have experienced are actually data corruption written to the HDD's because of controller faults, and not hardware failures within the HDD units. Have you tried testing the failed HDD nits in another machine with a good set of diagnostics to determine whether they actually have hardware faults?

    If the HDD's do have hardware faults, I'd be a little more likely to suspect the power supplied to them, and that leads to worry about other components in your system.
  2. Thanks for the reply, Paperdoc. I haven't tested the failed drives yet. That's on the agenda for this weekend. My thought was also controller faults simply because of the failure of the new drive. I did not, however, consider power issues, so thanks for putting that thought into my head!
    If any of the older drives are still salvageable, I'm considering using four in a RAID 1 configuration - since I have the extra drives now!
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