WaterCooling worth it on my system?

I'm interested in buying full watercooling for my PC.

Here are my specs:

i7 3770K
Corsair H100 liquid cooler
G.Skill 16GB 2133Mhz ramkit (4x4GB)
Asus Sabertooth z77
Corsair Force 3 series 240GB
XFX 1050W Black edition
2x Palit Jetstream GTX 680 4GB in SLI
Raven RV02-E case

Here's a link to it on a dutch site where I posted it

I'm planning on cooling my 2 graphic cards, if they fit any water blocks. And of course my CPU.
Planning on overclocking both.
Will it be worth it? Because it's pretty expensive.
And what should I be looking for

This would be the first time I build custom water cooling. So I do not know much.

Any help, Suggestions or information would be welcome.
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  1. First stop, the Watercooling sticky up at the top of the section,
    read fully several times and post back with what you've learned (hint, you will be able to roughly draw up a suitable loop once you've done)
    I'll keep an eye out for replies
  2. Just posting to flag the thread. Waiting till the op has read the sticky.
  3. The vultures circle above, waiting for fresh meat to emerge...

    Read the sticky, venture abroad and learn, then start pulling together your own loop. Any questions that don't seem to be answered elsewhere or if you want other peoples opinions on a loop config, thats what were here for :D.
  4. That sticky is so freaking much. And english isn't my main language :P. But I'll try to get some.

    But do you think it is worth it?
    With this system. I'm personally not a good overclocker, but certainly going to try it. GPU temps reach 85 on air. CPU temps with the H100 reach 65 on 4.2Ghz

    Is that upgrade to watercooling worth it for me? I can read the sticky but it won't tell me if it's worth it with my specific build.

    Also.. Are there any GPU blocks that fit on my GPU's? Since the 4GB edition isn't very common, and Palit is in my opinion not as big as companies like Asus of MSI cards. Are they still the same?
  5. Quote:
    Is that upgrade to watercooling worth it for me? I can read the sticky but it won't tell me if it's worth it with my specific build.

    The sticky isn't going to tell you that...it's only going to provide you the tools and knowledge in order to determine that for yourself. There isn't anyone on these forums that can tell you 'if watercooling is worth it for your PC' because we aren't you. The best we can do is help answer questions you might have based on the knowledge you carry with you and how you gauge watercooling.
  6. http://translate.google.com/
    Or if you use Internet explorer use the translate with bing link when you rightclick on the sticky,
    We can help you design and build a loop, but only you can decide if the temps gain is worth the expenditure and time
    theres a lot of groundwork to do before you go shopping, but it is very necessary to a good W/c experience and once the bug bites, its very addictive :)
  7. I've done some more research, and was wondering if my case is enough for this job.

    I need to cool 1 CPU and 2 GPU's
    My GPU's are pretty long, so I can't put a triple RAD on top of my bottom fans.

    I've heard that the dust filter is removable... I'm not sure where I heard that, and not sure if it's really possible.. Can someone confirm this?

    If I can remove the dustfilter, and put the fans on the bottom, I could place a tripple 180 rad on the bottom intake fans... Will this be enough? I was thinking about a single 120 rad on the outtake fan as well. Will that be enough with my setup?
  8. The problem you have with that case is that it's designed to suck air in from the bottom and expel it at the top. Apart from the space issues (which a determined effort could probably get around), if you put a 360 rad there you'll end up with the hot air in your case anyway...blowing it out would only result in the hot air being trapped underneath your case, trying to rise into the fan flow. I'm speculating, but I doubt you'd get as good a temp reduction in that manner as you would if you had a top-mounted 360.
  9. I really like the turned motherboard idea, and there are no other cases that have this feature, and supports my system.
    My PSU is too long for the Raven RV03. The RV01 is too small imo..
    What are my options?
    New case with normal setup?
  10. Apart from the unique look, the only real appeal of the Raven is that it exploits the property of heat rising in its cooling setup. If you go watercooling, you don't need to exploit that as you move the heat to your radiator and vent it that way. Of course, venting warm air in a place where it could come back into the case is the issue you have here.

    Not sure what your options are...I'm not a modder, and am on the verge of going WC myself. If you look at manofchalk's build log, he has a rad modded onto the outside of his case...don't know if that's something you could consider. You can also get external rad stands, which you put next to your case and just have your rads there, with the tubing running to them.

    There are options, but I'm a WC newbie myself. Others may have some better options.
  11. kemperkipie said:

    I've heard that the dust filter is removable...

    Anything is removable with the right tools and a little know-how.

    Here is a build with the cpu and two gpu's in the loop which has a thick 480 rad and a thick 120 rad, all found via a simple google search.

    Water cooling typically calls for some form of modification.
  12. What is "Delidding"?

    Also, my GPU's get 85, but I want to overclock them. They are currently running at stock-clock...
    I want to get better at overclocking, but first want better cooling
  13. Delidding is removing the metal heatspreader from the chip, to allow better contact to the heatsink/waterblock
  14. Ah, I read about that......
    I don't think I'll be able to do that.. I'll screw up my CPU with things like that. I'm not good at such things..
  15. Its not something I'd do and I'm a little crazy myself :P
  16. Rad space will be an issue with the case, as you'v already figured out. You can fit a dual rad inside the case (triple if you remove the HDD bays) and there's the 120mm at the top. Not enough for what your after I think.

    There is the option of external mounting, and the back of the RV-02 is a nice blank canvas for that. Could drill some holes and mount a triple rad back there.
    Stealing air from the PSU could be an issue, so I suspect you might have to get a bit tricky. The fan in front of the PSU intake, have that one pushing air toward the case and PSU intake, while the others pull air from the case.

    Or even further is to create a rad-box, simply an enclosure for your rads and fans that is separate to the case. Have a long tube connecting it to the computer and a strong pump (which come to think of it could be in the box) and the and your not limited by space when it comes to how much radiator you can have. Some have even put rad-boxes underneath the floor boards on their house, so sitting at the computer it is dead silent.
    I suspect Moto is your man to talk too if you decide to go that route :D.

    Also from what I'm seeing on the case, the fan filters just slide out if you pull on a tab.

    Stop going on about delidding Ivy CPU's, we get that you love it and are only after extreme overclocks. You don't realize that to many, overclocking isn't everything.

    Also fans are "only" running at 70-80%?..
    You realize half the point of watercooling is because if done right its dead silent? I wouldn't want my GPU fans running that fast, their loud enough at 50%.
  17. My GPU fans run higher, I have a custom fan speed set at MSI Afterburner.. With that speed they reach those temps above 80 C..

    What I meant with the dust filters. I can slide them out, but the rack I slide it out, could be removed, I guess. it's a pretty thick rack for only a dust filter. Maybe I could manually build those filters on the bottom of the case, and save some room inside the case..

    But anyway, I don't have the tools and skills to mod my case a lot.. Things like "drill some holes" is where I stop...

    After reading all this, I don't think watercooling would fit my needs, not in this case....
  18. Theres a way to do it, just got to figure out how.

    Also just realized, 2x180 = 360. You have the room at the bottom to fit a triple rad, quadruple if you remove the HDD bays. And if you remove the dust filter bracket, could probably fit a thick 360mm rad in as well. Coupled with with a thick 120mm at the top, you mighjt just have enough radiator space to pull off what your after.
  19. Drill some holes is plenty modding skill for a radbox or rearside mounted rad, but if you do want a box then I'm happy to help with that :)
  20. @motopsychojdn
    What do you mean with "a box"?

    I know I could fit a 540x180 rad on the bottom, but the problem is that it will blow heat into the case, onto the components.. which doesn't sound very smart.. Even with an extra 120x120 for exhaust.. I just should have bought other GPU's.. These Palit's look pretty cool, but the cooling is terrible imo... Aftermarket coolers are all pretty ugly imo, and it won't be possible to fit 2 hybrid coolers in my case.. only 1 on the 120x120 exhaust fan
  21. Radbox, a box with radiators (and sometimes a pump and reservoir) inside it,

    You don't have to go as extreme as I did, but the basic principle is remove your rads from the main Pc allowing you more radspace without cramping your cases internal space
    http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/274180-11-psycho-rider-radbox-project#bas if you want to read how I made mine
    As for your graphics cards, why not modify the Palit shrouds to allow a waterblock underneath?
    keep the looks but gain the temps and noise benfits of watercooling on them,
    Everything is possible, you just need to dream it, then find a way to make it happen
  22. I think it'll get too expensive and too complicated for me. After all this is my first custom-build PC.. If I build a new PC in maybe a couple of years, I'll consider watercooling as an option, and adjust my case and rig for it..

    For now, I made up my mind, and am just searching to increase my air cooling in my case.

    But still, thanks for all the help and suggestions, you've really cleared up my mind about watercooling
  23. kemperkipie said:
    I think it'll get too expensive and too complicated for me. After all this is my first custom-build PC.. If I build a new PC in maybe a couple of years, I'll consider watercooling as an option, and adjust my case and rig for it..

    If its your first custom build, then yeah would stick with air cooling for the time being. Going water is a bit complicated and if your not confident with general system building, wouldn't attempt it on the very first try.
    But remember its always possible to add it in later if you wanted, my rig had water added too it three months after it was built. Also you dont have to go with a complex loop, start with a simple CPU loop and later on you can expand from there.
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