Does 8x pci slot support 16x video card


does 8x pci slot support 16x video card

will nvidea geforce 8800gtx work on k8t neo 6702 motherboard?
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  1. An 8x PCi-E slot (full-length, 8x being electrical) will support an 8800GTX.
  2. That would depend is it a full x16 slot just running a x8 or is it a x8 slot running at x8?

    You cant fit a x16 card into a x8 (physical slot) unless its open ended.

    Could you post a link of your motherboard?
  3. What about an 8800gts 640mb in a 4x PCI-E full-length slot, like to use as a Phys-X card on any of the ASUS mobo's that have a 4x PCI-E slot, such as:
  4. Thank you this is resolved
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