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Hello, I want to know if someone had this problem. My computer suddenly turned off and on alone once when I was using it, like 10 minutes after she restarted she hang up I didn't want to start so I disarmed it, cleaned it and armed it again to check if something was wrong but everything was fine. Now when I plug the toughtpower and she starts alone and turn off like the on button were pressed even when the front panel pins are disconnected. I tried a different toughtpower and a different motherboard even leaving only connected the motherboard and the toughpower and it seems that the problem is the motherboard. Has someone experienced something like that??? Is a intel motherboard. I think that it could be a shortcircuit in the power pins but I'm not sure if that's possible
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  1. Might be the PSU or the high temperatures for the CPU. What are the temperatures in the BIOS, can you get there?
  2. I tried with a different PSU and happened the same and know I'm working with the same hardware but a different motherboard and it's running ok. The interesting thing is that even when the front panel plugs aren connected she starts and turn off like the on button were pressed, I even tested leaving the on button pressed with the front panel plugs connected and the computer doesn't start so I don't know. I saw the thing about the standoffs under the motherboard in the link you gave me, I'll try and see if that could be
  3. Now it's worse, when I plug the motherboard to tue PSU she starts alone again but only once, then she won't start even with only the motherboard, the CPU and the PSU. Can the motherboard be dead???
  4. It must be a short somewhere, try breadboarding (see the link).
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