SLI 8800 GT low 3dmark06 and then some

I've been away from the Computer Hardware for quite a while but i retained some of my computer knowledge!

I rebuilt my system to 8800GT SLI run 3dmark06 and scored 12.7K ish. thats with SLI Disabled. If I enable SLI i would still get the same Score so i reinstalled my drivers, renabled SLI and i would get the IDirect3dDevice:: Present Failed. But if i disable SLI, 3dmark would rum all the way and i'd still score 12ish K.

AMD Phenom X4 955
evga 8800gt
gigabyte 8800gt
3gb ddr2 ram
680W PSU

yes the two cards are connected by the SLI bridge aaahahha and are PCI-E powered
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  1. Have you enabled the SLi indicators to make sure that it is actually running in Sli?
  2. whats an SLI indicator? is that something thats on the actual board itself? or the enable/disable option on the nvidia control panel(which i did)??
  3. A picture being worth a thousand words and all that.
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