AMD Athlon X2 4200+ Upgrade

Hi guys, I've found your site here to be very informative so thank you. I have a problem that I can't find a solution for though. I have a MCP61SM2MA-RS2H Mobo and am looking to upgrade from my AMD Athlon x2 dual-core 4200+ AM2 CPU. It's currently at 2.2ghz and I think I need 2.8 or higher to do what I want to.

My issue is when I'm recording gameplay with BlackMagic Intensity Pro in 720p my CPU usage hovers between 85-100%. This is causing me to drop frames frequently. I have done all the searching I can on the product forums of the recorder and elsewhere to come to the conclusion that my CPU just isn't fast enough to process what it is trying to do so it is dropping frames.

Can I ask if there is a compatible CPU upgrade that will give me around 3ghz under $100? Thanks in advance.

Edit: Just to add to the previous when I record in SD (480i) the CPU usage runs between 30-40% unlike the HD (720p) at 85-100%. As for memory usage it stays the same at around 1GB. I have 2.5 useable GB so I think I'm good there. Graphics card is Nvidia 9500GT. Thanks again..
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  1. CPU Support List
    Project Name MCP61M01
    Market Name MCP61PM2MA-8KRS2H
    Compatibility Test Information
    No Type Core Name Clock L2 Result
    Dual Core        
    Athlon 64 X2        
    1 3600+ Windsor 2.0G 512KB P
    2 3600+ Brisbane 2.0G 1MB P
    3 3800+ Windsor 2.0G 1MB P
    4 4000+ Windsor 2.0G 2MB P
    5 4000+ Brisbane 2.0G 1MB P
    6 4200+ Windsor 2.2G 1MB P
    7 4400+ Windsor 2.2G 2MB P
    8 4400+ Brisbane 2.2G 1MB P
    9 4600+ Windsor 2.4G 1MB P
    10 4800+ Windsor 2.4G 2MB P
    11 4800+ Brisbane 2.4G 1MB P
    12 5000+ Windsor 2.6G 1MB P
    13 5200+ Windsor 2.6G 2MB P
    14 5400+ Windsor 2.8G 1MB P
    15 5600+ Windsor 2.8G 2MB P
    Single Core        
    Athlon 64        
    16 3000+ Orleans 1.8G 512KB P
    17 3200+ Orleans 2.0G 512KB P
    18 3500+ Lima 2.2G 512KB P
    19 3500+ Orleans 2.2G 512KB P
    20 3800+ Orleans 2.4G 512KB P
    21 4000+ Orleans 2.6G 512KB P
    22 2800+ Manilla 1.6G 128KB P
    23 3000+ Manilla 1.6G 256KB P
    24 3200+ Manilla 1.8G 128KB P
    25 3400+ Manilla 1.8G 256KB P
    26 3500+ Manilla 2.0G 128KB P
    27 3600+ Manilla 2.0G 256KB P
    28 3800+ Manilla 2.2G 256KB P
    This is the CPU support list according to Foxconn. Hope it helps
    Maybe a 5400+ or 5600+ from ebay would be the ticket.
  2. I'm glad you were able to find this information. Now I know what my options are. Thank you very much for your time!

  3. Go ahead and list the rest of the parts attached to your motherboard.
    We might be able to get you into a new motherboard & CPU for under $100 while reusing the rest of your parts.
  4. Well thanks WR2 but I jumped the gun prior to reading your post. I went ahead and found the 5600+ on eBay for $50 so I think I'd like to see how it goes with the CPU first and just save for a better system a year or so out. I feel like I owe you guys a great thanks so I appreciate the support. Anyhow, I'll be needing to find some "Silver 5" or something like that I think to do a manual install when it arrives.

    AMD 5600+ from eBay

    I'm not to keen with the the knowledge of building or working on computers but I'm sure I can handle it with the proper guidance. If anyone has any great links or step by step guides on removing and installing CPUs that'd be great.

    Thanks again.. :D
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