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I'm assuming if a psu states Form Factor ATX that this is a standard size that will fit in any case that currently has an ATX psu - I'm I suffering under a misconception?

Also would love feed back on
Does it look like a nice psu and good price.

Will it fit in my Antec Sonata III 500, ATX mid tower case.
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  1. atx is a standard so if it says atx it should fit atx coolermaster has some some questionable power supplies i'd look into a seasonic,corsair,antec,enermax for a good power supply but give us your full specifications and we will recommend the right power supply to suit your needs
  2. I have the same case and I can confirm you that you won't have any problem choosing a PSU. You have room enough.
  3. That is a good psu and makes Silentpcreviews recommended short list
    here's the review

  4. For a single card setup, it's overkill. For a single card setup, this OCZ 550w PSU is a good choice.

    If you're doing a dual card setup, this corsair 750w PSU is the way to go.
  5. It is indeed for a single graphics card. So yes it probably is over kill. But right now I have a 500 watt psu. Seems silly to buy a new one because the 500 watt is not enough and only upgrade to 550.

    Plus I like the modular cable design and the reviews I read. The fact that it was $5 dollars cheaper shipped then the cosair 550 did not hurt either.

    It is un likly i will add a second card. I'm thinking a single 470 will handle my needs. If it turns out not ... I'll probably kick myself for not getting the corsair 850 I almost bought.


    for the full system see this post

  6. It's not really about the wattage, it's more about the power on the 12v rail(s). For a single card setup, the 25amp rail on the OCZ is sufficient. And 550w should have no problem powering the newer, power efficient cards.

    Of course, in the end, it's your budget and electric bill.

    Edit: by the way, the OCZ is a modular PSU.
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