My computer lag during game play do i need to up grade video card

If I'm running an AGP video card it it worth up grading it from a nvidia 5200 256 to a 7600 nvidia card? Or should i just rebuild the whole thing?
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  1. It might solve your GPU bottleneck but what about the CPU?

    I'm afraid that if you get the 7600GT (agp ) your games may still lag due to processor bottleneck and you end up spending ~$95 for the AGP you can not bring to a newer mobo...

    So please list your other system components and tell us what what monitor resolution are you playing at.
  2. If you can get the 7600GT for free sure. Unless your system is at least an Athlon 64 or a 3.0c P4, there isn't much of a point in spending any money on it. What kind of system do you have?
  3. Just rebuild. That system is ancient by today's standards. For $200-300 you can get a CPU, motherboard, ram and video card that will be several time better for gaming than just buying a 7600gt.
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