Toshiba laptop won't install Windows XP

I'm trying to load a fresh install of window xp on a Toshiba laptop A135 S4656. It will load until it gets about 60% of the devices loaded...then it hangs up and just sits there. Do I need drivers or what ? thanks for any help anyone can give me
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  1. If it's a "full version" (as opposed to an upgrade version) of XP, I would delete the XP o/s partition, and recreate it (and reformat, of course).
    Put the disk in, and restart the computer.
    When asked, Press "R" to repair a Windows XP installation using Recovery Console, and it will give you the partitions as numbers, like:
    1: C:\Windows
    (so you type a "1")--just type the number corresponding to where your Windows folder is.
    Then you can issue "DISKPART" command to recreate a new O/S partition
    ("Delete" the partition / "C"reate a new partition [and allocate the space]).
    Then what I do is format the drive, at this point.
    Ask for help if this sounds vague.

    But, I do not think you will need a driver, before hand. There is a key to press to install 3rd party drivers on XP (I think it's "press F6 to install a SCSI or 3rd party driver")....but you don't have an SCSI drive, I'd be more than willing to bet, so just try loading XP again.

    Was this XP Professional?

    Sometime, you WILL need to download from Toshiba "Drivers" (and "Initial Programs", if you want them).
    to install after a successful XP installation, so download all those drivers, and burn them onto a CD (or DVD).
  2. OH...I forgot to mention: it might be a good time to carefully clean the XP disk with special CD cleaning fluid and a CD cleaning wipe. Also, perhaps your DVD lens with a Laser Lens Cleaner.
    Dust on the CD, or even the LASER lens inside the drive can be a problem.

    Be sure you don't rub the CD the wrong way (wipe from the center straight out to the side)!
  3. When I bought the disk it said it was originally for an HP but the guy who sold it to me on Ebay assured me that if the HD was empty it would do a full install of XP sp2. I cleaned the diskand the dvd reader. It still does the same thing. hangs up at about 60 % of the devixes being installed. I've tried it numerous times Thank you dshumard
  4. So it probably doesn't say, "Windows XP Home Edition" on it.
    That's probably what you need--a fully licensed Windows operating system disk.

    I guess there could be (an)other problem(s). Not sure, but there are "Disk Utilities" you can run to check the drive. Check the brand of hard-drive's website: most of the disk utilities they have are free.
  5. I downloaded and ran Hitachis Disk fitnes checker HD passed Quick test but failed advanced test. bought and installed different HD same size same number and manufacturer. It checked fine on all tests. This is the one I have in now. Still does same thing. I guess I'll have to try & find a Full install of Xp then . Thank you for your help. dshumard
  6. Wow, that was quick.

    Be advised there are different XP disks, the OEM version, and others.
    The OEM version, I hear, is only good for 1 install.
    Can't remember the one that you can install over and over (and, possibly, on different computers, also).
  7. The reason that I am trying to install XP is I had no luck restoring Vista Home Basic. That was what was originally installed on the laptop. The original owner wiped the HD on it and it won't restore. I've tried 2 sets of restore disks from restore disk .com. The first disk in each set will write files to memory and then fail to start the set up for restoring set up. I just wondered why, thought I might not have a driver in the mother board that was missing. Thanks again
  8. Some computers, like Dell, have a "restore from factory-installed partition", that you can access by pressing F5, or some other function key at boot-up, to get it back exactly as it came from "the factory". I'm not sure about Toshibas. I'd say give it a try, just to see if that is one of the options on that laptop. Good luck with this thing.

    But, in my experience, you 1st install the operating system, THEN, you install the drivers (otherwise there's nothing to install the drivers into).

    Try to download a copy of MemTest86+ .... you "burn a disk image" from the download ( I believe) with a disk burning software package. Then you can just put the disk in, and restart the computer.
    MemTest86+ keeps on running until you stop it. Some like to let it run all night; but, the last time I ran it, I just let it run for about 2 and 1/2 hours. The screen shows any errors, in case you have a bad RAM memory module.
  9. downloaded memtest86+ v4.2 ran all the tests No memory errors. I'm still looking for a full version of XP to install. Thank you for all the help. I hope that the full install (if I can find one) will do the job. thanks again for your help. dshumard
  10. I recommend an unopened copy of Windows XP. If you buy the "OEM" Windows XP, it will "record" which motherboad you are installing it on, and if the copy is being installed on another machine, it will fail by deign. You can only install Windows XP OEM version on 1 computer; and, I believe only a certain number of times, until the disk is no good, anymore.
    That is why you should never buy a used, Windows OEM operating system disk--someone else probably installed it on their machine, so it's no good anymore (unless you buy their machine, too [and never upgrade the motherboard {although, I hear, if the motherboard is defective, then another installation is allowed}]).
    IF you get the "Full Retail" version, you are allowed to install it on another computer if yours dies.
  11. Oh, I forgot--you will most probably want to try and find a "Windows XP with SP1", or with SP2 (or SP3, if they have them). If you install 1 without SP1, or SP2, or SP3 (what I call "SP0"), It will not be easy to get updated to SP3!
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