Three way Compression Fittings

First off this is my first water cooling setup and I'm doing it myself. The motherboard that I'll be using is a asus maximus v formula. For my water cooling I'll be using acrylic pipe and Compression Fittings. I'm going for that clean look.
The Compression Fittings that I'm using are Monsoon. I need a few three ways to do my build.
I'm looking at the Monsoon 90° Rotary Angle Adapter and it says that you can do opition 1 or opition 2.
If you click on the link below you'll see what I'm talking about.
To do a complete 90° Compression Fitting with the Monsoon fittings you have to order the 90° Rotary Angle Adapter plus Compression Fitting and the Accent Disk. That for the 90° fitting.
The way that the Monsoon Rotary 90° Angle Adapter looks like a short T fitting.
Can someone please help me with this.
I also look at the Monsoon 45° Rotary Angle Adapter and it look the same way to.
By the way does anyone know Monsoon website so I can asks them some questions.
Thanks for reading this.

Here the link for the 90° Rotary Angle Adapter.

Here the link for the 45° Rotary Angle Adapter
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  1. Looks is the compression fitting, the other is a blank to block flow.
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