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Hey all, this is my first post on Tom's Hardware and I have a bit of a predicament. My 'gaming' computer currently has the specifications listed below and I am looking to purchase a new videocard, but I'm unsure what would be the sweet spot for 1080p. Ideally, the card should be a single GPU solution and able to rock any game at 1080p maxed out, save for AA and AF.

i5 750 @ 3.6ghz
4GB of DDR3 7-7-7-21 1333
Asus p7p55d
ATi 4670 - Ick
Corsair 750W-TX Non-Modular power supply
and a Cooler Master HAF 932

I was looking into the 5850, but I am unsure if that would be overkill or not, the 4670 seems to play most games I throw at it fine, but I dislike having to cut down on the resolution to play some of the better looking, poorly optimized titles (yay Crysis).

Budget can go as high as $700, but for 1080p that would be ridonculously overkill.
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  1. I've got a radeon 5770 and I can run games at 1920x1200 which has slightly more pixels then 1080p would, and I have a core 2 duo 2.4ghz, so a 5850 would be overkill for your situation, its just a question of how much future proofing you want.
  2. But at what quality settings?
  3. The HD5770 should be quite good at that resolution if you don't care about AA/AF. It's well over twice as powerful as your HD4670.
    The HD5850 would of course be great if you can afford it and will probably be good for that resolution for a much longer time span.
    Either card is a good choice. If your board is crossfire capable keep in mind that if you go with the HD5770 you can always add another later and two will give you performance similar to an HD5870.
  4. I can usually enable a bit of AA and AF and have it be playable. Around 30 FPS, and my CPU is the bottleneck in certain games.
  5. My recommendation is the HD 5770 or HD 5850. The HD 5830 is really not worth consideration given the current price.

    The HD 5850 does cost more, but it means you will not have to upgrade as soon as if you were to purchase the HD 5770. If you can live with lowering settings to medium, then a HD 5850 can out live a HD 5770 by 2 - 3 years depending on how much performance you demand.
  6. I will probably purchase a 5850, my board does support CrossFire so I can always throw in another if the need arises in a couple years.
  7. i would lean more towards the 5850 if i were you, i just ordered another 4870 for crossfire (~5770 speed) because i am starting to lose quality in some games (Bad company 2 on everything max is ~30fps, a little too low for me)
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