Help now! looking for some speakers (with subwoofer) and a headset with built in

hey guys i need a speaker system for my computer thats around 400 bucks for amazing sound and a headset with speakers and mic built in for teamspeak and vent
must be only 125 dollars or lower

please dont view this give me suggestions

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  1. What kind of speakers 2.1,5.1,7.1?
    Be more specific.
    As for headsets Sennheiser are very good.
    Headsets are very personal i would recommend you try a friends or at least go to a store where you can try some on.
    There's nothing worse then having an uncomfortable headset.
    Do you have a discrete sound card?
    I wouldn't spend that kind of money on speakers unless i did.
    Good makes of soundcards are Asus,Auzentech,Creative( Titanium),and Omega and M-Audio.
  2. i prefer 5. 1 and 7.1

    i look at Sennheiser prodcuts at newegg... no too popular

    i like headset with features like voice mask more buttons like mute button etc and must have built in speakers too but not something that just have speakers built in and it sounds like crap.

    and yes i have a discrete sound card
    it came with the mobo named ASUS maximus 3 fourmla (they add a sound discrete card for games instead of having a crappy one attached to the mobo

    wow like 30 views and no one care to reply other then davcon i really need help guys
  3. Speaker wise these are very good as far as computer speakers go
    a friend of mine has the older Z-5400 and they sound nice which have been replaced by the link ones
    others from Logitech that friends have are Z-2300,and X-540
    All listed sound very nice when paired with a quality sound card.

    I view Newegg reviews very subjectively Sennheiser's business is headphones and microphones and has been for a very long time.

    I've owned a set of hi-fi headphones from Sennheiser and they were very good lasted 20yrs.I now have AKG's but they aren't in the computer product line.
  4. Klipsch Promedia 2.1

    You simply can not go wrong with these. Very accurate, all around solid system. I truly have never heard sound like this. I also have a discrete sound card - Creative extremegamer.
    Go with Klipsch! you will be glad you did. Visit the website and check out the forums, there you will understand the quality and the following that Klipsch has achieved.
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