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Hello, your opinion about which card is more reliable, ATI or the many nVidias mfgd...I have a EVGA gtx 285 which was sent as replacement for my defunct gtx 280 as a RMA exchange.....This card makes my pc go to a blank display and sound looping status in less than 20 minutes of gameplay, not browsing, just when playing... I did a clean W XP install, changed from a brand new Gigabyte board to an Asus P5NT, my psu is TT 750w and now EVGA wants me to change it, because runs at 11.80v, not at 12.0v as desired by EVGA tech guy, I asked TT and they claim thats plenty of power for any VC...Pls suggest which card should I consider as replacement for the gtx 285. EVGA is a nice Co with apparently good service but I need my pc back to working conditions...
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  1. I would just sell the GTX 285 and get an HD5850. It's faster, DX11, uses much less power and can be OCed huge amounts.
  2. Ditto.
  3. Thanks for your advise, much appreciated.
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