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Which power supply should I get for my eMachines T1100? Of cource I prefer the cheaper one that is 230 watts if it's good enough.

GREEN 450W Micro ATX MATX SATA With 20/24 Power Supply

+3.3V ~ 20A, +5V ~ 26A, +12V ~ 20A, -12V ~ 0.8A, +5vsb ~ 2.5A


NEW 230-WATT Micro ATX SFX Power Supply for HP eMachine

+3.3@20A, +5@25A, +12@13A, -12@0.8A +5vsb@2A -5@0.5A


Heres one that says for eMachines and it's the cheapest one on newegg. It's around the same price as the other ones.

Newegg.com - Athena Power AP-MP4ATX25 Peak Surge: 275W, Max. Power: 250W MicroATX /SFX 12V/ATX 12 V eMachines, HP Replacement Power Supply

Right now I have 150 watts max power power supply.

Heres a pic of my power supply specs.

I do know that my motherboard doesn't use much power since it's an older machine so I was hoping that at least the ATI Radeon 9250 or GeForce FX 5200 or so will work with my current 150 watt power supply.

I would save alot of money for me if I can use my money on just buying the ATI Radeon 9250 or the GeForce FX series or maybe the GeForce 6200. I will be using a PCI type card since my motherboard doesn't have an open AGP slot.
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  1. Can you measure your power supply for us? Just to make sure.
    ATX: 5.91" x 5.51" x 3.35"(WxDxH)
    M-ATX: 5" W x 4"D x 2.5"H

    FSP Group FSP300-60SPC 300W Micro ATX Power Supply $30 5.9" x 3.94" x 3.39"
  2. Bestec ATX-1523D power supply 4-15/16" wide 3-15/16" deep 2.5" tall

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