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hello everyone,
What good fans should I go with for my CPU (Core 2 Quad Q9650) knowing that I will not attempt to OC it ?
thanks :??:
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    If you have no intention of overclock even the stock fan would suffice. But if you want a better guarantee and quieter performance I'd go with an ok after market air cooler.

    The cooler master v8 remains as one of my favorite mid-high end coolers... although for no oc it might even be a bit of an overkill. It costs about $50 on

    The v6 is not too bad... there are really a lot of coolers out there... most after market coolers for $35 and up will be not too bad.

    They will cool a lot better than the stock cooler and look cooler too lol... which is a plus even if you're not overclocking... Hope this helps ;)
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