QUESTION: AM3 CPU's Need Advice on what to buy

Hello, I am looking for an AM3 CPU to run with my 790x CHipset, mainly for gaming.

Other system specs: DDR3 RAM
CAse /w good cooling (6 fans)
Possible 5770 GPU or better
650W PSU 12v52A rail

Now the question is I am looking to get AMD Phenom II 550 X2 3100Mhz Black Box edition, so I can unlock 2 more cores and make it a QUAD-CORE. Will that be good? Possibly overcloking it a bit also.

Or perhaps I could invest a bit more money (dont have too much spare) to get a Quad core CPU. Either way I heared the CPU I am getting is really raelly good?
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  1. It is not guarantied that the 550 unlocks the cores but it is still a good CPU. I would though go for the X4 955BE for a guarantied quad with overclocking potential.
  2. Quote:

    I see what you did there. :heink:

    Although when did the Athlon ii x4 640 come around? i dont remember them. :??:

    Anyways, +1 on the athlon II x 4 635
  3. Quote:
    I switched it to the 635 because the 640 isn't worth the 30 dollars more. The 635 will do 3.6-3.8Ghz quite easily :lol:

    Very true. It not worth the extra money just for .1 Ghz increase
  4. DO you mean this one?

    But what is wrong with the 550 Blackbox edition it says it has a core multiplier and can be unlocked with SB750 chipset. I am just wondering which one is genuinly better. Wudnt want to pay 40$ more for a processor thats more or less the same. I am going to be using this for gaming primarily so is it worth it?
  5. There is nothing wrong with the 550BE it is a good overclocker but there is always a chance that you will not be able to unlock one or both of the other cores.
  6. the x2 550 is a good chip but do not count on being able to unlock the extra cores (though the possibility exists there is no guarantee it will be successful so don't buy it expecting it to be unlockable ---- that said even as a dual core it performs well for gaming for the price and would be a good match for the 5770 so is a good choice for a budget gaming rig.

    EDIT : Not all of the Chips can be unlocked -- some of them have defects in the die that are the reason the 2 corees have been disabled (if a quad core is defective they lock a core or 2 and sell it cheaper) -- but if demand is high for the lower end chip they also sometimes disable perfectly good chips --- thing is you never know if you will get one that is actually defective or perfectly fine until you try unlocking and running ( it depends on the manufacturing process and how many defective quads there are and the demand for the dual core option)
  7. What do you mean a chance that I cant unlock, theoretically if I have the right mobo and the settings in bios wont it work? :/
  8. I guess its my first build, and its going to be a lottery afterall, why not heh? Its reasonably cheap and easy to replace, worst case scenariop is that I will be overcloking this CPU like a mofo till it burns out and then buy a better one. Best case scenario is that it will unlock the other 2 cores and I will live happily ever after.

    Thanks for the advice.
  9. Hey got another semi urgent question.

    About to place an order for computer memory. Says my MoBo can support up to 1600Mhz and 1800Mhz(o.c) in memory.

    But was adviced to go for 1333 Mhz memory, and with lower voltage or something.

    Any insight? I could get 9-9-9-28 1600MHZ or 7-7-7-20 1.5V 1333MHZ which one do you guys thinkis better?
  10. what voltage is the 9-9-9-28 1600Mhz. running at ? (is it also 1.5V or is it higher ?)

    The reason for the advice to get the 1333Mhz. is that the AMD memory controller runs at 1333 MHZ. by default anything higher requires it to be OC'd. -- If deciding just based on the info posted I'd say the 1333 7-7-7-20 1.5V is the better choice (would be about the same as a 1600 8-8-8-24 set so the 9-9-9-28 is probably a bit slower in actual throughput (esp. since it is also probably rated at 1.65V as well at that timing) but in reality either set will perform about the same so get whichever is cheaper if there is a difference in price or the 7-7-7-20 set if they are about the same price.
  11. I got a CL7 1600MHZ 7-8-7-24 1.65v

    I mean I guess its allright, only £10 price difference.
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