Computer says i have Realtek HD Audio, can't get my speakers to work:(

My sound card or whatever says i have the Realtek HD Audio, and i just bought the logitech x-530 surround sound speakers, get home, plugged that *** up and now i only get stereo sound, from the two inner speakers, non from my back speakers or middle one. So i clicked around and went to my configuration, im using windows vista, and then changed it to 5.1, still doesn't work. Please help :(
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  1. Do you have a soundcard?
    Otherwise you have Realtek onboard sound.
    What motherboard do you have? it would help to know cuz you could update your Realtek drivers.
    Do you have the Realtek HD console?
    I would adjust my settings there if you do.
    I know this is your first post but make sure your more specific about your hardware next time.
    Makes it easier to help you!
    Try this
  2. No i dont have anything except my graphics card and internet card taken up in my PCI slots. Yeah i think i have onboard, can i not do 5.1 with the onboard? Ive already tried updating my drivers a billion times. I'm pretty sure i need a soundcard lol
  3. Ok somewhere on your pc there should be a Realtek HD console where you can set-up your 5.1.

    Your might try control panel,Hardware and Sound,i'm pretty sure my Realtek HD resided there when i had it.

    Worst case scenario is to download DriverSweeper its good to have for your graphics too

    Run it in safemode and purge all your Realtek files

    Re-install the Realtek drivers.

    Btw if you have a Dell or HP i would recommend getting your drivers from them.

    You don't need a soundcard for this to work.
  4. Davcon is correct, control panel , realtek hd audio mgr, then you should see speaker connection setup box, options are stereo, 5.1, 7.1. Select 5.1 then follow the side panel on the same screen for proper plugs to use with your speakers, these are colored coded for easy setup. There should be a test available in that screen as well so you can tell if there is a speaker problem or not.
    Lastly if the program your running isn't setup to use 5.1 sound you will only hear left/right stereo sound I believe.
  5. if u have ATI then u may have some problem
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