DX58SO + 4GB RAM modules?

My intel specs says: "16 GB maximum total system memory (with 2 Gb memory technology)."

"Supported Memory Configurations
1024 MB SS1 1 Gbit 128 M x 8 / empty 8
2048 MB DS2 1 Gbit 128 M x 8 / 128 M x 8 16"

2GB technology? Does this mean I can only use 2GB RAM modules and not 4GB modules? I doubt it, cuz then it'd be impossible to reach the max 16gigs, but what does the 2GB limit mean?
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    It will support 4GB single sticks. If you check the QVL, you will see there are 4GB sticks supported. ( )
  2. thanks :D
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  4. I'm sorry if this is bad form, but I'm in a similar situation and am confused with the options. I've got the same motherboard and right now I'm running 3x2g modules but want more memory. Can I just buy two pairs of 4g modules (DDR3 1333mhz) and not use that 4th module? This would double my memory but I'm not sure if it would actually work like I think/hope it would. Thanks!
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