No beep post and video

no boot and no post beep, i replace the mobo and psu and still the same problem and sugestions anyone thankyou
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  1. Please post your system specification, makes, models and a more detailed explaination of what has been happening if you can.

    The PSU wont work unless it can detect the motherboard
    Since both the motherboard and PSU have been changed out, what about the CPU?

    Even with just the PSU, motherboard, PC speaker and CPU you should be getting some sort of indication that it is alive. Verify that you have the internal speaker connected to the right pins on the motherboard.
  2. the psu is working i can tell that much, because the fan is working on the cpu, this is one of those accer aspire mini desk top units 220wt psu am2 phenom cpu 4gigs ddr2.
    hard to find parts for this thing, i tried another cpu with no change and different ram too.
  3. Aspire® X1301 desktop is the make
  4. 220watts for a phenomII and 4gb ram? typical acer
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