Mobo RMA reinstall Windows?

So I am going to have to RMA my mobo (MSI 785gm-e65), and I was wondering whether I would need to reinstall windows once I get the new one. I've heard that you should reinstall when you get a new mobo or processor, but since it's the same model, does it count? I also might end up with a newer revision since my current model is not available any more, so should I reinstall in that case?
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    Best bet would be to do a REPAIR install after getting the MOBO back -- since it is the same MOBO model it might not be necessary but will not hurt and will help if any parts have changed with newer revisions. A repair install forces windows to reexamine your system and remove\replace all of the system drivers based on the findings like a new install would but without losing all of your programs and settings like a new install would require.
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