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Strangely, this is the first thread I've started on these forums.

Anyway, I will be within range of a Microcenter next week, and I wanted to double-check to see if anyone knew about anything coming down the line on socket 1366 (other than hexa-core) that I should be aware of.

Additional details: I've already talked myself into an i7/1366 build (for gaming, virtualization, photoshop/gimp, etc.) that I'll be starting in a couple of months. Budget for the entire rig will be $2k+.

Should I order & pick up the i7-930 next week, or should I wait and buy it when I'm buying the rest of the build, in 2-3 months?
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    I would wait. The hexa-core is new, so it's affect on prices has happened yet. I wouldn't be surprised if everything dropped a bit (i.e. the i7-980X to $1,000, the i7-975 to less than $1K and so on). I wouldn't say the 930 is going to be a lot cheaper, but it certainly wouldn't be any higher.

    Besides, there IS the chance you get a bad one. If you bought it now, you wouldn't know until it was too late.
  2. Good call, I hadn't considered that I might run out of time on the return policy/warranty.
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  4. Another point is early adopter sof the 920 have CO stepping ....later buyers got DO. Never know what improvements may come down the line.

    Rampage III Extreme should be out by then :)
  5. I just got my 930 from micro center for 215 out the door. I could not pass the opportunity at that price. I replaced my 920 C0, I got plans for it put it in my backup pc. Same here waiting for R3E :bounce: . Currently micro center has 975 at 799.99 and 980X 999.99. But make sure that they have them in stock before you go and get one.
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