Time and date keep changing

Hi, everytime when I start-up my computer, the date and time keep changing. I have change CMOS battery already but the problem is still there. Is that meant my motherboard has problem? Thanks
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  1. Unfortunately if you have changed the battery and if the battery is making good contact with the holder (check on this) then probably the motherboard is at fault.
  2. You may have to hange it again, maybe you got a bad one. Download this and tell us what the VBAT voltage is
  3. Hi, you mean this?

    General Information CPU :
    Voltage : 1.050 V
    MaxVID : 1.288 V
    MinVID : 1.288 V

  4. There's a button on the left pane, the last to the bottom right. If you hover the mouse over it it says: Voltage, temperatures and fans. Look VBAT.
  5. Are they changing in chronological order?
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