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Hello everyone,

I just got my new rig, tried to overclock. Really never did this before so asking for your help. Is this looks fine?

CPU: I5 3570k - 4.0 Ghz, Turbo voltage 0.004v, offset voltage 0.005v.
Idle temp: 26c
Full load with prime95 temp: 69c

GPU: 7950 GPU clock: 1100, Memory clock 1450, Volt -0+.
Idle temp: 30c with 25% fan speed
Full load with furmark temp: 62c with 44% fan speed

RAM: Corsair vengeance "1600" OC'ed to 1866 9 10 9 28 1.575v
No idea of temps. Ran memtest, no crash.

What components should i push more? I feel like my GPU have more in it.
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  1. This is all fine... and if truly stable, a good overclock.

    Yes, the gpu probably has more juice in it that can be extracted. Use something like msi afterburner and push your clock incrementally wile testing it in between with something like 3dmark vantage/11/firestrike

    Good luck, post back if anything interesting occurs ;)
  2. What temps of CPU is fine? I heared that intel guarantee safety of 105c?
  3. Every cpu is different. For Ivy bridge the tjmax temp it is 105c yes. Thats the highest temperature the processor can hit (give or take 3c) before it will start throttling down to cool itself and avoid damage. It has been tested and observed that the cpu shuts down completely at 120-130°C to avoid permanent damage.

    Its just people are often more cautious and like to go lower on the temps than intels own specifications and guarantees. And its probably right to do so especially if you're overclocking... just to make sure you don't kill your cpu early.

    So safe temps would be up to 90 - 95 in my book, which most likely you wouldn't hit on a nice cooler anyway. Its just lower temps can help with stability overall...

    So don't worry, your temps are great! :D
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